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The classical work <Persimmon Harvest> from Mr. Sanzi

The Singapore Contemporary Art Show 

<Persimmon Harvest > 160*180cm 2013 mixed media on canvas

The Singapore Contemporary Art Show(SCAS) is a new and large-scale contemporary art exhibition which belongs to the same sponsor with the Asia Contemporary Art Show. The SCAS and the Art Stage Singapore were held at the same time this year, and many other art activities were also held in the meantime. It was aimed to build a peak period of the Singapore and also all over the world’s art market by the way of the Singapore Art Week.

The Art Weme Gallery (the agent of Mr.Sanzi in Singapore and Malaysia) brought several classical and new works from Mr.Sanzi took apart the SCAS this year. Shortly after the opening of the exhibition, a famous specialist in medical oncology from Singapore was attracted by the classical work <Persimmon Harvest> and then she collected this piece. The piece <Persimmon Harvest> was created by Mr. Sanzi on 2013, is one of his classical colorful series works. Red is the main tone of this piece, and it means achieving great success. The feeling of satiation and happiness was full of the picture. The prints and other derivative productions of this work are also very popular with art fans.

the founder of the Art Weme Gallery and the collector

< Persimmon Harvest > is also one of Mr. Sanzi’s favorite works, he seldom shows it to others. This work was collected at the Art Weme Gallery before.  It’s gratifying that Mr. Sanzi got one more understanding.


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