By chance, the artist Mr. Sanzi became related to Laguna Beach, which has nearly 100 years of history in the United States.

Laguna Beach, this beautiful beach, is attached to the legendary Highway 1, and this 7-mile beach actually accommodates more than 20,000 people to take root here. Every time walking at Laguna Beach, Mr. Sanzi keeps thinking that if a full of the oriental culture art gallery was built on this fertile Westland, what it would be like? ......

The Sanzi Art Gallery, headquarters in Shanghai, was established in 2010 by the artist Mr. Sanzi, which aims at spreading the works with Chinese Laozi and Taoist theme; and is also focused on promoting the works of Chinese young potential artists. With keeping the purpose of the professional level, the high-quality selecting and the international vision, the Sanzi art gallery strives to construct an international gallery organization that faces the whole world.

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