Sanzi's Spring Art Exhibition in M50

Spring is coming after the cold winter, snow has melt, it gets warm now. Sanzi, the contemporary well known Chinese artist, exhibits his new paintings in two galleries:4A102 and 4A107, in Moganshan Road,50#.

4A102 hall exhibits his “Clouds” series, there are more than ten pieces of new paintings, such as “Auspicious Clouds”,and so on.These paintings express the Taoism theory, which always respected by Sanzi, more vividly. They are painted with “black, white, gray”color concept and almost realistic unique techniques, demonstrate the harmony between human and nature once again. “Be content with life”is still the highest pursuit of people.There are strange stones, vigorous pine trees and white dressed immortals in his paintings.The pictures seem simple, while the meaning of them is profound.They show the grand of nature and the tiny of individual life.The whole exhibition hall seems be crowded by clouds and smoke with the rendering of these elegant mood works.The visitors who come here to appreciate these paintings were all shocked by the atmosphere, they feel like stepping into a fairy land and can feel fresh breeze blowing.

Paintings exhibited in hall 4A107 have rich colors, they are different with these in hall 102.They symbolize the full and bloom of spring.While visitors can still find Taoism in them.In the eye of Sanzi, there is only the vitality of natural landscape, he is intoxicated in it, forgets everything.He regards the universe as an indivisible whole, such as the figures in his paintings, with all the physical and mental, embraces all.

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