Fifth Art Revolution

Taipei 2015

According to latest news, just beginning of the First Day VIP Party of Fifth Art Revolution Taipei 2015, Mr.Sanzi’s two painting《Joyful Nest》《Knowing Heart with a Crane》was  purchase soon by a collect. The  speed to raise others eyebrows, also to know how Mr. Sanzi’s artwork so welcomed!  

< People are watching Mr. Sanzi’s works >

This Art Revolution Taipei using the theme of “Very Art ·Very Happiness ”,strictly choosing artwork from 62 country and 278 artists, art style rich and colorful, medium various, with the feature of local and culture connotation.

As Mr.Sanzi yield unusually brilliant results, accordingly this Art Exhibition grand invite Mr.Sanzi to take party in. Mr Sanzi is the first ,and also the only one  Chinese artist sign with Taglialatella Galleries. The most famous pop art leader Andy Warhol  、Jeff Koons also sign with this Galleries. Due to Mr. Sanzi had other arrangement in this exhibition, so could not  attend,so leave any regret.

< The booth of Mr Sanzi’s works is crowded in every part >

In this Art Exhibition not only show Mr. Sanzi’s twenty oil painting, but also ten piece of very precious blue and white Porcelain of different shape. On oil painting, not only have the classic painting like 《Joyful Nest》to meet with audience,but also the new painting of《Clear Enjoy》《Delicate Fragrance》 come out ,to glut Mr. Sanzi’s fans and collector ‘s eyes.

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