Opening Party of Mr Sanzi’s Art work In Beijing !

The Poster of Sanzi’ Artwork Shown in Beijing

Following the Standing Exhibition Hall of Shanghai、NewYork、Miami、Paris、Singapore & Kuala Lumpur , Beijing Himalaya Experimental Gallery will long-term exhibit Mr Sanzi’s Artwork.

One View of Sanzi ‘Artwork Beijing  Exhibition Hall

During the Party, there is a lot of Celebrities included: The Curator of Venice Biennale Sandro Orlandi、famous Italian Artist Mr Salvo and his wife Candice Ho、Famous Taiwan Musician Dejian Ho、many famous artists and Directors of museums  at  SongZhuang、 some local Government Leaders and so on.

The left is Curator of Venice Biennale Sandro Orlandi&The right is famous Italian Artist Mr Salvo

In the Middle is Mr Salvo’s wife Candice Ho、left is Taiwan Musician Dejian Ho

In this opening party, not only show Mr Sanzi’s Classic Artwork《Red Plum Blossom》《Snowing Touch·Company life》,but also the new painting《Snow Fei·Three Virtuous》《Come Loose· Free》,the theme still is Taoism,peace、quiet and Elegant or grand and magnificent, or with endless meaning.By his deeply life experience and inspiration、unique expression skill, renew explain Lao Zi ’s Taoism.  

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