Seeking for the Immortals·Sanzi Contemporary Art Exhibition

Artist news: Seeking for the Immortals·Sanzi Contemporary Art Exhibition On 1st May, 2012, the exhibition of Sanzi's new works "Seeking for the Immortals" began in his new gallery at M50°Art District, Shanghai. In this new series, the artist Sanzi continues to chose the Taoism philosophy as the theme of art creation. This exhibition is also the first time that his new works are publicly shown since last December when his solo exhibition was held in Basel Miami Beach Art Fair. Afterwards, works in this new series will also be exhibited in New York, Paris, Singapore later this year.

Sanzi is also known as "Sanzi in the form of Lao Tzu". The paintings exhibited has clearly shown the influence of the Taoistic philosophy that Human is an integral part of Nature, or Human should be in harmony with Nature. The white-dressed, fairy-like characters in his paintings are symbolization of Lao Tzu in modern times. Some of them stand alone on the top of a mountain, looking at the splendid nature and are deep in meditation; some of them sit or stand in twos and threes appreciating water falls, sampling tea, and discussing "Tao", in these scenes, the ultimate invisible Tao is somehow revealed!

In the paintings it shows a transcendent, mystical and splendid Taoism world, the realistic mountains add to the thickness of the paintings, and the water falls flowing down from mountains make the pictures more lively. Besides, the layout of the new gallery fits well with the paintings as well: in the center of the exhibition hall, there is a pool in which water flows with a bubbling sound. Looking at the cool black and white mysterious paintings and hearing the sound of flowing water, it feel like you are in a Taoism fairyland! It is no wander the famous Mr. Hou Dejian once said, "If you want to know what the immortals and fairyland look like, you should see Mr. Sanzi's paintings!"

Exhibition Period: 2012.5.1 - 2012.6.1

Venue: 4A102#, 4A107#, No.50 Moganshan Road, Shanghai

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